TOP 10 docker basic commands

Docker basic commands:
Not only dockerhub you can search in terminal also using Ex: # docker search ubuntu

See few of docker commands and you can follow video to check how they execute.

TOP 10 docker basic commands:
1.docker search ubuntu :- To search insted of docker hub
2.docker images :- TO see how many images existing
3.docker ps : - To see how many containers running
4.docker run -i -t ubuntu /bin/bash :- To run container
5.docker ps -a :- IT will list all the containers running and stopped
6.docker start :- To start docker container which is stopped
7.docker attach CID :- To enter into docker container
8.Ctrl + p + q :- To exit container without stopping
9.docker ps -a -q :- To see only container id
10.docker images -q :-TO see only id's of docker images
11.docker login :- TO loginto docker which you created in docker hub


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