Learning Linux basic commands for Devops

Why you need to learn linux for Devops ?
Yes, you need to learn linux for Devops because so many tools like automation, monitoring, version control etc..Learning linux means it purely learning linux commands. you cant see any GUI in work environment for linux. so here is the most important commands will update weekly basis.

sudo bash or sudo su or sudo -i    :- You will login as Super user
cd /root                                           :- You will move to root directory
cd /(directory name)                     :- You will move to target directory
cd ..                                                 :-  TO Move back to previous directory
cd                                                    :- Back to root
hostname                                        :- Host name of current linux machine
hostnamectl set-hostname (name):- To set permanent host name
hostname (name)                           :- To set temporary host name
passwd                                            :- To set root password
pwd                                                 :- Present working direcory
ls                                                      :- List files
ll                                                      :- List all files with date, time and permissions
mkdir (name)                                 :- To create your own directory
df -h                                                :- To check usage of hardisk
lsblk                                                :- To check disk and part
touch (name.txt)                            :- To create file name
rm -rf (file name)                           :- To remove file or directory
mv                                                   :- Moving command (ex: mv (filesname))
cp                                                     :-Copying cmmand (ex: cp (file name))
top                                                   :-To see CPU usage
cat                                                   :- Shows content of current file (ex: cat (filesname.txt))
vi                                                     :-To edit existing file and to create new file (ex: vi (filename.txt))
:wq                                                  :-To save and quit files
chmod -R 777 /root                        :-To give read, write access to perticular directory
chown - R 777 (U.name) (f.name):- To change ownership of user
chgrp -R 777 (U.name) (F.name) :- To change group of user
uname -r                                         :- To check your kernel version

Contributors: Vamseenath G                    Mahesh Babu U                     Gowtham V


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