Learning Devops and become a Pro in Devops

Learning Devops is not hard and not that much easy. You should prepare your self to things with devops. But bright side, with Devops  you no need to learn any coding.

So what Devops contains: Devops contains few things.

Cloud Computing                         : Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Database                                       :  RDS, Mysql, AWS Dynamo DB.
Monitoring Tools                          : Cloud Watch, Nagios.
Automation Tools                        : Ansible, Chef, Puppet.
Version Control                            : Git, Github.
CI/CD                                             : Jenkins.
Build                                               : Mavan, Ant.
Virtualization                                 : Docker , Vagrant.
Operation Systems                      : Linux, Windows, MacOs.
Other Tools                                 : Putty, Winscp.

Salaries for Devops Engineer:
It varies to country to country but if we consider U.S.A 1,95,000 $  is an average PA for Devops Engineer. 

So briefly we will discuss soon about each topic and we will try to give our best output from following sessions. 


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