How to Install Jenkins in RHEL and CentOS using AWS

Jenkins is a Continues Integration and Continues Deployment tool. Formally called as CI/CD. Before installing Jenkins you need to install few things in RHEL.
Prerequisites: wget: - # yum install wget -y 
                           java:  - # yum install java - y
       Apache Tomcat:  - To install tomcat just refer this link [HERE]

Step 1: After installing Apache Tomcat you need to got to bin folder and start apace tomcat server. To start Apache Tomcat you need to give command

# sh - This command you need to give in Apache-tomcat's bin folder.

Step 2:  Now go to webaps folder and download jenkins.war file in it.

Step 3:  That's it you installed Jenkins in RHEL to view it go to your domain ip address along with :8080 and you need to give /jenkins. If you are launching in aws you need to allow port 8080 in security groups.

Step 4:  To Login jenkins you need to give cat command 

# cat /root/.jenkins/secrets/initialAdminPassword

Step 5: Here you just need to setup your name and password to login as admin.

To refer same above step just follow the video. Thank you..


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