How to Install Apache Tomcat in RHEL

Installing Apache Tomcat in RHEL is simple in AWS or Azure. All you need to do is launch an EC2 instance with RHEL and just download latest Apache Tomcat from its official website and UnTar It. Every thing we will tell you step by step please follow below steps.

Prerequisites: To install Apache Tomcat you need wget and Java installed in your machine. Ensure you opened security groups port number 8080. 

Step 1: Launch an EC2 instance in AWS and install wget with command # yum install wget -y and also install java using command # yum install java -y

Step 2: To download Apache Tomcat from its official website right click on tar file to copy and download it with command..

# wget

Step 3: After downloading you can extract TAR file with 

# tar -xvf apache-tomcat-8.5.31.tar.gz

Step 4: Go to Apache folder and then bin folder to start apache server

# cd apache-tomcat-8.5.31/bin

Step 5: Start your apache tomcat service with 

# sh

Step 6: That's it you started Apache Tomcat in your linux machine. To check its working or not go to your browser and give your ip address with :8008. (Ex: http://youripaddress:8080).

To watch the same commands execution and launching Apache Tomcat server in RHEL watch this video.


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